TAC claim form

by | Mar 21, 2022 | TAC initial claim

TAC claim form

In order to claim TAC assistance following an accident, you need to lodge a TAC claim.

It’s important to know however that the only TAC claim form that you will find is an online claim form.

This is how it looks;

TAC claim form online screenshot

This is not a TAC claim form that you can download. It is a web form that must be completed and submitted online.

This is the information that you should have to hand when using the online claim form:

  • Details of the accident (where, who involved in the accident, how it happened)
  • Details of injuries suffered
  • Details of any people who witnesses the accident
  • Police information if they attended the accident scene
  • Details of any hospitals and medical practitioners you’ve seen post accident
  • Employment and income details if you require time off work
  • Bank account details

 If the accident involved public transport, you should try and have, in addition to accident details, the name of the public transport operator, details of the driver and if the accident was reported, to who.

You should try and ensure you have as much of the above information as possible before commencing lodgement of a claim online. 

If you don’t have certain information the form can prevent you from submitting a claim.

Can I download a TAC claim form anywhere?

No, there is no TAC claim form you can download. 

There used to be a form you could download and submit, however this was removed by the TAC a few years ago.

Are there any other options to lodge a claim?

Many people do not like using online forms.

Some people just aren’t good with computers etc.

If this is the case, and then you can telephone the TAC and you can lodge a claim over the phone.

Tell the TAC operator handling the call that you wish to lodge a new claim and they will ask you for relevant information (see above).

You may already have a claim lodged on your behalf

In some cases, people have had a TAC claim lodged on their behalf and they are not aware of it.

If a person has been admitted to hospital after an accident, sometimes the hospital will lodge a TAC claim on a persons behalf.

They do this to ensure that relevant treatment expenses are paid for.

So if you were hospitalised after the accident there is a chance that the hospital lodged a claim on your behalf and you should call the TAC to check this.


There is no paper TAC claim that you can fill out and lodge after an accident to lodge a TAC claim.

The TAC has an online claim form that you can use.

If you don’t want to use their online claim form you can telephone the TAC and lodge a claim over the phone.

In some cases a claim will have been lodged on a persons behalf by a hospital if a person has been admitted to hospital after an accident. If this is applicable to you then you should contact the TAC and find out whether a claim has been lodged on your behalf in relation to the accident.