Does TAC cover chiropractic costs?

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Once you have an accepted TAC claim, the TAC will be responsible for the payment of reasonable medical and like expenses.

One such type of medical treatment is chiropractic services.

Claiming treatment within the first 90 days after a traffic accident

You can obtain payment for chiropractic treatment within the first 90 days of an accident without the need to contact the TAC for approval before obtaining treatment.

The chiropractic treatment provided needs to be for the treatment of injuries suffered in the accident.

In order to obtain payment for treatment you can ask the chiropractors rooms to send their bill to the TAC directly.

Ensure to provide them with your TAC claim number.

If you’re not sure where to find your TAC claim number, view this page.

Alternatively, you can pay for the treatment yourself and then submit proof of payment to the TAC for reimbursement.

Claiming treatment 90 days or more outside the accident

If you require treatment 90 days or more after your accident occurred, you’ll need to obtain approval from the TAC for payment.

You should speak to the chiropractor about this and ask them to complete a treatment and recovery plan.

This then needs to be submitted to the TAC.

The TAC will then make a determination in relation to what they will pay for and they should let you and your chiropractor know when they have done so.

As with chiropractic treatment obtained within 90 days of the accident, you can either ask the chiropractor to send their account to the TAC directly or alternatively you can pay for the treatment and then seek reimbursement from the TAC.

Chiropractors and certificates of capacity

If your ability to work has been impacted by the accident, that is you’re not able to work at all or only able to work on a limited basis and you wish to obtain income payments from the TAC, you will need to obtain certificates of capacity.

Chiropractors are able to complete certificates of capacity for you.

You can read about certificates of capacity here.

Other chiropractic related treatment expenses the TAC will pay for

If your chiropractor sees you outside of their rooms, the TAC can also pay for this.

If your chiropractor suggests that you undergo medical imaging, in the form of an MRI, CT, x-ray ultrasound, generally speaking the TAC will pay for these expenses.

You can read more about the TAC and the payment of medical imaging costs here.

You can claim travel to and from your chiropractic treatment.

Supervised exercise programs or programs where your chiropractor needs to monitor and/or evaluate gym swim programs.

Payment rates for chiropractic treatment

These rates are current as at 1 July 2021.

For an initial consultation with a chiropractor the maximum amount that TAC will pay is $59.87, and for a standard consultation they will pay $48.92.

Both of the above amounts relate to consultations in the chiropractors rooms.

If you have a telehealth consultation with a chiropractor, the TAC will pay a maximum of the figures referred to above.

If you have a chiropractor see you outside of their rooms, whether that be in your home or at another location such as a gym or pool, then for an initial consultation the maximum amount the TAC will pay is $85.19 and for a standard consultation the maximum amount they’ll pay is $78.02.

What if the TAC refuse to pay for chiropractic treatment?

If the TAC refuse to pay for chiropractic treatment, or there are issues with payment, you should read this page which goes through your options in relation to appealing a decision made by the TAC.

In a nutshell, you can ask the TAC to perform an internal review which involves someone from the TAC team reviewing the decision to relating to chiropractic treatment.

This person should be someone who was not involved in the making of the original decision.

If you have a lawyer, then you can pursue a dispute application and conference.

If the matter fails resolve either by way of internal review or via a dispute application conference then you can pursue the matter to VCAT.

If you elect to pursue the matter to VCAT we would recommend that you have a lawyer to assist you.

How long to request chiropractic treatment from the TAC?

You must make an application for treatment within three years from the date of the accident or alternatively, two years from the date that the chiropractic treatment expense was incurred.


Yes, the TAC will pay for the cost of reasonable chiropractic treatment if you have an accepted TAC claim.

You should be aware that if you are claiming chiropractic treatment within 90 days an accident occurring, you do not need to obtain permission from the TAC in relation to the treatment however if you are claiming chiropractic treatment outside 90 days then you will need to.

If there are issues in relation to the TAC not paying for the cost of chiropractic treatment there are options open to you to appeal that decision.