TAC claims history check

TAC claims history check graphic

The TAC has two different ways to access information in relation to any TAC claims that you may have.

The first way is free, the second way requires a fee to be paid.

The ‘release of information’ process

The TAC gives you any TAC claim forms, most medical reports relating to your matter and any decision letters.

There are various documents that wont be provided when you apply in this way, but it’s quick and easy to do.

To do a claims history check, request documents, and information including claim numbers through this process contact the TAC on 1300 654 329.

You should expect to be asked for details that identify you, that would not be known to other people, so that the TAC can be satisfied that you are the person about whom the information relates.

The second method is more complicated, but provides much more detail on your claims history.

The freedom of information process

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 you are able to access most documents that the TAC holds.

Through this process you will obtain more information than you through the informal process.

The TAC isn’t obliged to give you everything on the file as there will be documents that are exempt from the application, like legal advice,  Victoria Police reports, any confidential investigations performed by the TAC and a number of other documents.

What sorts of documents can expect to receive from an FOI application?:

  • Medical reports from TAC examiners;
  • Medical reports from treating practitioners like GPs, physiotherapists and psychologists;
  • Your original TAC claim form;
  • Records of your discussions with TAC representatives;
  • Decisions the TAC made;
  • Clinical notes and other medical records (like hospital notes) that the TAC obtained;
  • A list of payments made to you and to health providers

An FOI application form needs to be completed and a fee of $30.10 has to be paid.

You can apply online via the TAC website or in writing (which can be lodged by email or post).

You will then need to pay another fee once the application has been accepted to have the documents released.

There isn’t any other way to do a claims history check.

The TAC treats private information very carefully, so you aren’t able to access the information through third party providers or websites.

You could certainly contact TAC and ask them to provide you with any claim numbers relating to yourself (just to get claim numbers for any claims you have made over the years), but as mentioned above you will need to provide information to the TAC so that they can safely identify you and release the claim numbers to you.