TAC claims for non residents of Australia

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No, you do not. If you were an overseas resident and you were involved in a transport accident that occurred in Victoria or in another state of Australia and at the time of the accident you were in a Victorian registered vehicle, then you are likely entitled to TAC benefits.

Non Australian residents who satisfy the above criteria, are entitled to the same benefits that an Australian resident is entitled to.

That is, medical expenses and income replacement benefits if your ability to work is impacted.

Note however that this relates only to medical expenses incurred within Australia, relating to the treatment of any injuries you suffered in the accident.

You are also able to pursue an impairment benefit lump sum claim if you suffered a permanent impairment as a consequence of the accident.

Finally, if the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you are able to pursue another lump sum claim called a common law claim for damages.

Is TAC Australia wide?

TAC is a Victorian insurance scheme that is designed to compensate people that have been involved in motor vehicle accidents with a connection to the state of Victoria.

In relation to whether a motor vehicle accident has a connection to the state of Victoria, the TAC will cover people who are injured in the following circumstances;

  • Injured in a motor vehicle accident in Victoria regardless of whether the vehicles involved are registered in Victoria or another state of Australia, or
  • Injured in a state other than Victoria but at the time of the transport accident a Victorian registered vehicle was involved and the person who was injured is a Victorian resident or an occupant of a Victorian registered vehicle.

If you do not satisfy the above criteria, say for example you’re injured in New South Wales and there is no connection to Victoria, then you should contact that particular states TAC equivalent. Each state in Australia has one.

How do I lodge a TAC claim?

Please visit this page for step-by-step instructions for how to lodge a TAC claim.

As an overseas visitor, do I have to have lodged a TAC claim while I was in Australia?

No, you do not need to be in Australia in order to lodge a TAC claim.

You’re able to lodge the claim when you have returned to your home country.

Will the TAC pay for my medical expenses as a non resident of Australia?

Yes, but the TAC, generally speaking, will only pay for medical expenses relating to the treatment of your injuries when you’re in Australia. 

Will the TAC pay for my income replacement benefits as a non resident of Australia?

Yes the TAC will pay income replacement benefits while in Australia.

In order to obtain these you will need TAC certificates of capacity to be completed.

Can I lodge an impairment lump sum claim outside of Australia?

As with an initial TAC claim, you are able to lodge a TAC claim if you have left Australia.

Impairment lump sum claims can be lodged electronically.

One issue that will need to be dealt with however is getting assessed by appropriate medical specialists for the purposes of this claim.

The TAC will pay for you to be examined in your home country with a suitably qualified independent medical examiner.

If you have a lawyer, they will be responsible finding a doctor or doctors with the appropriate specialities in order to assess you.

If you do not have a lawyer then the TAC will work with you to find appropriate assessors.

If you want to read more about what the TAC will cover, you can do so here.