Is TAC only in Victoria?

Is TAC only in Victoria

Yes the TAC is only in Victoria.

Each state and territory in Australia has their own body that is responsible for providing compensation to people who have suffered injuries in vehicle accidents.

The state and territory bodies are;

  • New South Wales – Motor Accidents Authority of New South Wales
  • Australian capital Territory – NRMA compulsory third-party claims department
  • Northern Territory – Territory Insurance Office
  • Western Australia – Insurance Commission of Western Australia
  • Tasmania – Motor Accident Insurance Board
  • South Australia – SGIC
  • Queensland – Motor Accident Insurance Commission.

TAC also covers some interstate accidents

it’s important to note however that when it comes to TAC compensation, the scope of the TAC‘s coverage is broader than you may expect.

The TAC covers more than just accidents that occur in Victoria.

They will also cover interstate accidents provided that the vehicle involved is registered in Victoria and that the person that suffered the injury in the accident is a resident of Victoria or is the driver of a passenger in the registered vehicle.

The TAC has a discretion to pay compensation under the Transport Accident Act in relation to an accident that occurs in a state or territory outside of Victoria provided that accident involves a vehicle registered in Victoria, notwithstanding the fact that that injured person was not a resident of Victoria at the time of the motor vehicle accident and was not the driver or a passenger in the registered vehicle, if the TAC is satisfied that the person was on the date of the transport accident, likely to reside in Victoria for not less than six months immediately after the date of the accident.

Can I claim with more than one body?

No, if you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident you can claim compensation via one of the bodies mentioned above.

There may initially be some dispute in some cases as to which body is appropriate in the circumstances, but ultimately, your matter will be the responsibility of one of the state or territory bodies.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that if you’ve been involved in a transport accident and you think there might be some connection to Victoria, it is worthwhile either contacting the TAC or and or a lawyer and getting advice in relation to whether a Victorian TAC claim is appropriate in the circumstances.