TAC travel reimbursement

TAC travel reimbursement

Once you have an accepted TAC claim, you are entitled to claim reimbursement for travel expenses from the TAC.

What travel expenses does the TAC pay for?

TAC will pay travel expenses related to travelling to and from treatment related to the transport accident injuries.

So if you need to travel to see, for example, a general practitioner, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, a psychologist or a specialist doctor, you are able to claim travel expenses to and from these appointments.

It’s not just these practitioners mentioned above, it’s any treatment but the TAC is paying for.

Unfortunately, in our experience not enough people claim their travel expenses from the TAC relating to their treatment.

This is particularly relevant if you are going to obtain ongoing treatment for an extended period of time as expenses can add up quite quickly.

It’s also relevant if you are going to be required to travel long distances, as might be required by people that live in regional areas who may have to travel to Melbourne or other metropolitan regions to see specialist doctors.

If the TAC organises an appointment for you to be medically assessed for the purposes of your TAC claim, you’re entitled to claim travel expenses relating to this.

You may be asked to be medically assessed for the purposes of your weekly payments, medical expenses, impairment claim or common law claim.

You can claim travel to and from these assessments, regardless as to what the medical assessment relates to.

In addition of this, the TAC will also pay for travel expenses where you need to attend vocational related services and supported employment services.

How do I claim travel expenses?

If you are travelling to a medical treatment or a service that has already been approved by the TAC, then you do not need to obtain approval from the TAC for the travel expense in most cases if you are travelling in your own private car.

An example of a service that might have been approved by the TAC is a specialist appointment.

To claim travel reimbursement, you will need to submit the expense declaration form which you can find on the TAC’s website.

If you take public transport rather than your private car, then you should keep any receipts or tickets and submit these to the TAC with your application for reimbursement.

What about travel expenses of family members?

TAC will pay for travel and accommodation for family members who live more than 100 km away to visit you if you are in hospital.

And if you are a dependent child they can pay your parents travelling commendation so they can visit you in the hospital.

This also includes the cost of hotel or motel, petrol, public transport, airfares and taxis or the cost of hiring a car.

If you have a relative drive you to medical treatment in their own private car then their travel expenses can be paid for.

How much will the TAC pay for travel?

The standard TAC reimbursement rate is 30 cents for each kilometre that your car travels.

If you’re interested in knowing how the TAC comes to this figure then you can find that information on their website.

For family members visiting a TAC client in hospital, the TAC can pay a maximum of $21,090 by way of travel expenses (if the claim was made after 1 July 2021, or if the claim was made before this date then the maximum amount you’ll be entitled to is slightly less but similar).

The maximum amount referred to above does not apply to parents visiting a dependent child in hospital.

What reimbursement for travel to or from work?

If as a consequence of your transport accident injuries, you need assistance travelling to and from work, the TAC is able to pay some travel costs.

This is payable for no more than 24 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive).

The maximum total amount that they will pay is $1510.

What about taxi travel and ridesharing services?

The TAC is able to pay for taxi and ridesharing services if your ability to drive or take public transport has been impacted because of injury or injuries suffered in the accident.

You need to contact the TAC for approval in relation to these services before accessing them.

What do you do with the TAC won’t pay for a travel expense that you believe you’re entitled to?

You should visit this page which outlines your options.

If you are not legally represented then we recommend that you ask the TAC to perform an informal review in relation to their decision.

You can initiate an informal review by calling or emailing them.

If you are legally represented then your lawyer can still pursue the internal review option, but there is another option open to you which is called a dispute application.

You can read about dispute applications here.

If your matter does not resolve by either of the above options then you do you have the option of pursuing the matter to VCAT however very few travel expense related matters will proceed beyond the two options referred to above.

How long will the TAC pay for travel expenses for?

There is no cap on how long the TAC will pay for travel expenses for.

If you are continuing to obtain medical treatment that is paid for by the TAC (or other types of services referred to in this on this page) then you’ll still be entitled to the payment of travel expenses.

So for example it could be 5 or 10 years after the accident and you’ll still be entitled to the payment of travel expenses.

What if I don’t have the money to pay for a travel expense and get reimbursed?

In this case, then you should contact the TAC and try and work something out with them.

It is possible for the TAC to pay money to you which you can then use to pay for relevant travel expenses. However it is something that you must discuss with the TAC.