What are the TAC benefits?

TAC benefits

Under the TAC scheme, once a claim has been accepted there are a number of benefits that you may be entitled to claim.

One benefit is the payment of medical and like expenses, which you can read about in detail here.

You are able to obtain payment from the TAC for the reasonable cost of medical expenses relating to treating both physical and mental injuries and conditions connected to the motor vehicle accident.

Another benefit under the TAC scheme is the payment of medical and weekly income payments.

You can read about the payment of income benefits here.

In a nutshell, if your ability to work has been impacted as a result of the accident then you may be entitled to claim income payments from the TAC for up to 3 years post accident.

In a limited number of cases you may be entitled to claim beyond three years.

Another TAC benefit is an impairment claim.

This is sometimes called an impairment benefit claim or claim for impairment benefits.

You can read about these claims here.

It is a lump sum for permanent impairment suffered in an accident.

In order to claim an impairment benefit lump sum you need to have the injuries and conditions that you suffered in the accident assessed by appropriate doctors.

Your whole person impairment rating needs to be determined.

Another benefit under the TAC scheme is a common law claim for damages which you can read about here.

This is another lump sum claim.

In order to succeed in this claim you need to show that you have a serious injury and that there was negligence on behalf of another party that contributed to your injury.

If the accident involved a death the TAC is able to provide assistance and compensation to people if a person died in a motor vehicle accident. You can read about TAC dependency benefits on this page.

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The TAC can pay multiple benefits to a person once their initial claim has been accepted.

These are the payment of medical expenses, income payments, an impairment benefit and a lump sum claim. And in the event of a death in a motor vehicle accident a person also be entitled to assistance from the TAC.