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Hopefully you’ve been able to find the answers to your questions on this site.

If not, you can contact us (Michael and Peter) and we’ll see if we can assist if you have an injury from your road accident.

Also contact us if you wish to enquire about no win no fee legal representation in relation to your TAC matter.

We’re both lawyers and have over thirty years combined experience representing people that have been injured in motor vehicle accidents in Victoria.

If you contact us, there’s no obligation to engage us to represent you. 

Phone: 1800 325 039

Email: [email protected]


Questions and answers
Are enquiries confidential?

Yes, all enquiries are strictly confidential.

Who will I be speaking to?

You will be speaking either to Michael or Peter, both founders of this site.

Michael and Peter are both lawyers in Victoria, who have been assisting people who have been injured in road accidents for over thirty years combined.

Is there a cost?

No, there is no cost to have a chat. If you wish to engage us for legal assistance, then we can discuss costs that might be incurred in the future.

However, there is certainly no obligation to engage us and in many cases, you do not need a lawyer to assist you with a TAC claim.

Can I send you paperwork/forms to look at?

You can if it is a decision by the TAC that you want to contest. Otherwise it’s usually best to speak first and see what’s required before sending us material.

Send a Message

All messages are read and replied to by Michael and Peter. If your message is urgent, please specify this. If so, your message will be given priority. Otherwise, all messages are generally replied to within 24 hours.

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Phone: 1800 325 039

Email: [email protected]


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